Online Reservation System





E-Ticket & Check-in

1. Registration

Registration is the process which enables you to do the following:

      • Selecting the date of the event.
      • Selecting seat category,  price, and quantity of seats for each category.
      • Selecting preferable seat location from the visual chart.
      • The required data to be entered in the registration form is: name and email address.
2. Payment

Payment is the process which enables you to do the following:

      • Review your Receipt / Order Confirmation and make some edit.
      • Review your final invoice and download it as a PDF file if needed.
      • In case of Bank transaction: The invoice contains all necessary information for successful money transfer.
      • Please email a copy of your bank transaction to [email protected] to confirm payment.
3. E-Ticket & Check-in

After successful payment, every attendee will be eligible to access his own E-ticket.

      • Every E-ticket is unique and contains the name of its owner, seat category and price.
      • In case of single reservation: The E-ticket will contain its single seat-code.
      • In case of group reservation: The E-ticket of the primary registrant will contain all the group’s seat-codes.
      • Every E-ticket contains a unique bar-code that will be used for automated Check-in.

Important information regarding group reservation:

  • You can reserve tickets not only for yourself, but for a group also.
  • If your group is ten or more, contact [email protected] before payment to get a special discount.
  • The first entered name in the registration form (Attendee #1) will be the primary registrant / seat holder.
  • The primary registrant represents all the group financially, and his name will appear in the invoice, which the system generates for the group.
  • The primary registrant’s account will contain the codes of all reserved seats for the group, and he will assign reserved seats to the group.
  • Please make sure that your email address is a correct one, that all communication would take place through this email.